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Your viewpoint over the sea, in Llanes, Asturias

Barro Beach

The beach is flanked by Barro two huge rocky islets which protect the open sea.

The route of the Fishermen

The route of the Fishermen arises starting from the small and beautiful village of Andrín, and it reaches the neighborhood of La Tejera.

Torimbia beach

On the coast of Llanes, close to Niembro, is Torimbia beach.

Picos de Europa

Picos de Europa, a National Park, are for their height and beauty one of the most famous places on the continent.

Ruta del Cares

It is called the Ruta del Cares or Garganta Divina (Divine Throat), it starts at the town of Cabrales and it goes along the River Cares, a journey that covers 12 km con

The Cave of Tito Bustillo

In Ribadesella is one of the great shrines of Paleolithic art in Europe, the Cueva de Tito Bustillo.

Bufones de Pría

At the edge of Llanes cliffs the sea not only bates with full force, but that comes in the form of jets, in spurts, like small geysers, slipping through the cracks and

Cuevas del Mar beach

The beach of Cuevas is a part of the Protected Landscape of the East Coast of Asturias,it is located at the mouth of the Cuevas river. When the tide is low, you ca

Museo Etnográfico del Oriente de Asturias

The beautiful town of Porrúa, part of council of Llanes, is famous for preserving its own identity and for being the home of an important museum.

Vega beach

Vega's beach is one of the largest beach in the Asturian coast with its almost two kilometers long.